Rebels Terms of Services

Last Updated: July 2018


These terms of use (“Terms”) are applying to the access and usage of the Rebels-App (“App”) or the Rebels-Website (“Website”, together “Service”) of the Rebels Technolgoies GmbH, Tannenstrasse 7, 9000 St. Gallen (in the following as “Rebels” or “we/us”).


Please read these terms of use carefully. By downloading, accessing or using the App you agree on our terms of use. If you do not agree on these, please do not use our Services.


We can change or accommodate these terms of use at any time and in our own discretion. However, if we do so, we will notify you about such changes before you use our Services, for example by mentioning it in the App-Store / Play-Store when releasing a new version of the app.


By the continual usage of the services you accept changes of the terms of use. If you don’t agree upon the changes, please do not use our services any further and particularly delete our app.


1. Rebels-Service


Rebels provides you a mobile communication-app, which easily allows students to interact with others in proximity through chats called "hangouts" and meet with other users.


With your public profile you are able to share messages and pictures with users in your direct surrounding. For more information about the services please visit our website.


2. Costs


Downloading and using the app isn’t followed by any costs. To finance the app we are authorized to execute in-app-purchases, advertisements or to install other paid services.


3. Creating an account


To be able to use the services you need to create an account in the app and have a valid student email. Your account will be created when you confirm your email address during the registration. If you are under 18 years old, claims to use the app are excluded. As occupant of your account you are reliable for all content, generated by your account.


4. Push-Services


After Downloading the app we will ask for permission to electronically communicate via push-services with you. If you agree on it you will receive push-notifications. They could be sent, if a user wants to join your hangout, if you are accepted into a hangout, if another users sends a message in your hangout or to remind you that your hangout has expired. We might also notify you about app-related news in the future.


You can revoke your approval so receive push-notifications at any time by changing the settings of your device.



Our services are consisting of interactive functions that give users the ability to create and transfer content, including, but not limited on text and pictures. You are aware that every user can review your content through the app or on other devices.


You agree on the following behaviour policy guidelines, which can be updated at any time. Among other things, it’s forbidden to share:


  • illegal or unlawful content;
  • content that contains personal data (of third parties);
  • content, containing harassment, hate-speech or discrimination, especially in accordance to racist, pornographic, liable to have an undesirable influence on the moral development of young people, violence-promoting or war-glorifying statements, informations or representations as well as recalling, confronting, storing or giving access to such information or data that are urging racial hate, promoting terroristic organisations or violations of the law or contain defamatory, unlawful or unethical content or even hints to such data or content (hyperlink);
  • advertisements, that aren’t approved by us;
  • spamming;
  • content, containing business secrets, violating rights of patent law, trademark law, copyright, the right of privacy and/or other intellectual copyrights or personal rights;
  • viruses, containing damaged data or other malware or codes;
  • content, containing malware or other damaging or destructive software (e.g. viruses, worms, trojans, etc.);
  • immoderately usage or other measures, peculiarly adapted to disturb, damage or inhibit the app’s service provision partly or completely
  • endangering the ongoing process or the safety of the network or the avoidance of security measures (hacking, bots).


Every user declares by using the services, that he


  • is over 18 years old
  • won’t use the services in any way, to
  • interrupt the peace of other users or to harm them, to deactivate, damage or overstrain hardware or other’s devices;
  • harass, molest, intimidate, stalk or threaten users in any way;
  • share, create or redirect unwanted or unauthorized advertisements, spam, data strings or advertising tools;
  • access the services or extract data using machines (robot, spider or crawler) or other technical or automatized tools;
  • spy or get access to other computer systems without authorization;
  • get access to other user’s accounts without permission or authorization;
  • circumvent ways that are filtering content;
  • sell, rent, lease, or offering products/goods and/or services in any way or to offer the Rebels-Services against payment.


If you notice or guess any security gaps, we are very thankful and happy if you notify our support about them (using the in-app form or the form on the website).


In addition, you agree on keeping the conditions of third-party suppliers (including the terms of use of the iTunes App Store and/or the Google Play Store). You accept that the availability of Rebels depends on the terms of use of these third-party suppliers. You agree upon further limitations in our terms of use that can rely on other restrictions. In case of a conflict between our terms of use and the terms of use of third-party suppliers, the terms of third’s are superior.


Rebels is entitled to revoke allowance to access our services at any time, even without any prior announcement.


6. Rebels-license


These terms of use settle the usage of the Rebels-App on Smartphones and other mobile or electronic devices of any kind.


Rebels grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable right to use the app and it’s services for personal and noncommercial purposes. As a general rule you are only allowed to use the app on one device, which terms of use allow the usage on the device or of third-party suppliers. The legal right of use also cover all updates of Rebels or the provided services that replace and/or extend the original app, unless those updates comes with a separate, subsequent applicable easement.


However, your right of using the app doesn’t cover the following services (unless we authorize it separately):


  • Usage of the App through an account which isn’t owned by you;
  • Publicly presenting and/or screening the services;
  • Editing or creating of any works related to the services or parts of them;
  • Downloading (except site-caching) any part of the services or any informations contained;
  • Reverse-engineering, decompiling or any other way of accessing the services, imitating them or creating a comparable product or service;
  • Using Rebels-postings to build social-media pages, especially with commercial intentions;
  • Usage of the Services for any other than the designated purposes.


If you are violating any of the previous conditions, we might revoke your granted access to the app by blocking your account. The enforcement of any other rights, especially of damages, remains in existence.


7. Responsibility for user-generated content, data and/or information


You are aware that you take the full responsibility for content that is created by you or your device.


Rebels will not accept the withdrawing of responsibility for content, data and/or information, shared by you or your device. In particular we can not guarantee that shared and created content is true, accomplish or deal a purpose


If you know about or are aware of an unlawful use of the app we entreat you to report the user or hangout or contact our support (using the form in the app or on our website) immediately.


8. Intellectual Property Rights


The design of Rebels together with the texts, scripts, graphics, interactive functions as well as brands, marks and logos and the concomitant rights of Rebels are governed by the copyright and other ownerships within the Swiss or foreign laws and international conventions. Rebels provides the service as it is. Rebels reserves all rights that aren’t provided to you. You are obliged not to use, reproduce or distribute content of Rebels in a commercial way or promote such behaviour in any way, if it isn’t permitted in particular.


9. Warranty


The services are provided as an AVAILABLE basis without any guarantees or warranty in any way.


Whilst Rebels is trying to offer a great user experience, we can’t guarantee that


  • The services will always work secure or without any errors;
  • The services will always function without any delay, interruptions or errors;
  • The services are free of viruses.


The user is responsible to take all safety measures and to install the most recent updates regarding the safety of his device, to prevent viruses or malware.


In case of a complete shutdown of the app, please get back to the supplier you downloaded the app from.


All other warranty claims regarding loss, obligations, damage, costs or expenditures are laying in your own responsibility.


10. Limitation of Liability


Rebels is liable in terms of compensations on wasted efforts only in case of wilful or grossly negligent acting, explicitly given guarantees or properties, in case of damage or personal injury, claims based on product liability or mandatory legal provisions, independent of the legal basis.


In case of violation of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations), Rebels is - independent of the previous paragraph - liable for damage, limited on the contractually typical obligations, reasonable foreseeable when concluding the contract. Cardinal obligations are contractual duties which performance and proper implementation in the contract allow it to it to be valid, and on which compliance the contractual partner may rely on.


As far as the liability of Rebels is ruled out or limited, these limitations also apply to the personal liability of Rebels-Employees, representatives or assistants.


11. Release from Liability


You agree upon defending, compensate, and holding Rebels harmless from all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including but not limited on attorney’s fees) resulting in the liable:


  • Usage and access to Rebels’s services;
  • Violation of the previous terms;
  • Violation of the rights of third parties, including and without any limitations, the copyright, property right and data protections law;
  • Any statements, based on which informations third parties got harmed.


This defence and indemnity obligation remains intact even after you stop using our services.


12. Changes of the Handling


We may change, improve or discontinue temporarily or permanently features or the app’s operations, at our discretion.


You agree that Rebels is not liable upon changes or settings of features or the app’s operations.


13. Assignment


We are entitled to transfer, subcontract or deal in any other ways with our rights and services, without your agreement or notifying you.


14. Privacy


Informations on how personal data is collected or processed can be found in our privacy policy.


15. Applicable Law, Collateral Agreements


Our terms of use subject to Swiss law.


Any disputes between you and Rebels Technologies GmbH about the terms of use exclusively obligate the jurisdiction of Swiss courts.


In the event of individual provisions of this contract being or becoming ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the contract as a whole. Instead of the invalid provision the corresponding Swiss laws takes place.


Collateral Agreements require the written form, as well as the abstain from the written form.


16. Contact


You may contact us on Facebook about questions and/or feedback. For complaints or claims referring to our services, please contact our Support (reachable through our website or app).


Last Updated: July 19, 2018